Dental Veneers in Massapequa

Veneers, Massapequa, NY

Veneers can be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic dental problems including:

● Chipped or broken teeth
● Peg laterals or retained baby teeth
● Tooth gaps
● Misshapen teeth
● Teeth that are in the wrong position
● Crooked, rotated or crowded teeth
● Discolored teeth

How long does the veneer process take?

First you will have a consultation with Dr. Lubliner during which he will evaluate your smile and help you determine how many veneers are needed.

After your initial consultation, veneers can be completed in as few as two appointments. At the first appointment, we will take impressions and prepare your teeth for the veneers. Dr. Lubliner will also hand make you temporary veneers while you wait for the permanent ones. Patients often remark that Dr. Lubliner’s handmade temporaries look almost as good as the permanent ones. Your impressions are then sent to a professional dental lab where your permanent veneers are fabricated. At your next appointment we will try in your veneers and confirm that they are the correct color, shape, position and size. If they are, we will permanently place them in your mouth. On the very rare occasion that there is a problem, we can send the veneers back to the lab to have changes made and they will be permanently placed at your next appointment.