Sedation Dentistry in Massapequa

Massapequa Sedation Dentistry

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What is sedation dentistry?

When you think about visiting the dentist, do you ever feel a sense of fear or anxiety? It’s common to be a little nervous, but some people are so afraid that they skip visits even when they have a serious condition that needs treatment. When dental health issues go unaddressed, they will often become worse over time, and may require more dramatic treatments to repair. 

Sedation dentistry offers a safe and practical option that can help patients feel comfortable getting the dental procedures that they need, when they need them. 

During sedation dentistry, the patient will enter a relaxed or sleeping state, where they are less aware of the procedure. Sedation is often used for certain dental surgeries, such as wisdom tooth extraction, but we can provide any of our normal services under sedation as well.

You have several options when choosing dental sedation

There are a few different options for sedation, depending on how aware you want to remain during the procedure. Some provide a sense of deep relaxation, but the patient will still be awake and able to communicate with their dental team. Other types of sedation put the patient completely to sleep, and they will wake up later after the procedure is finished.

The primary methods for sedation used in dentistry are:

Laughing Gas: While sitting in the dentist chair, the patient breathes in nitrous oxide through a mask that is placed on their face. The gas helps the patient relax, and your dentist can easily control the level of sedation during the procedure. In some cases you will even be able to drive yourself home after the effects of the gas wear off. 

Oral Sedation: The patient will take a pill about an hour before coming into our office. Depending on what medication is chosen, the level of sedation can range from minimal to moderate. Under minimal sedation, you will be drowsy but remain awake and able to communicate with your dental team during the procedure. You might be groggy enough to fall asleep, but a gentle shake is usually enough to wake the patient up again. The dosage can be increased to enhance the level of sedation. 

IV Sedation: Using an IV, the sedatative enters the bloodstream quickly and can be very fast-acting.  You will be completely asleep and unaware during your dental treatment. IV Sedation is administered in our office by a board certified anesthesiologist, who will monitor your sedation levels throughout the procedure. This is usually the form of sedation chosen by our more phobic patients, who want to be completely unconscious while the dental procedure is happening. 

When choosing Oral or IV Sedation, you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure. 

Visiting the dentist doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. If anxiety is holding you back from getting regular dental care, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective solution that can help. Call us today for a consultation. We are happy to discuss your options, and to see if sedation dentistry might be right for you. 

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